Monday, April 16, 2012


Those who have seen the movie "Fast and 'Furious, certainly know what their children are and what they like to drive. Boys are not known for their reckless driving. Consequently, parents believe that teen a car new only last engaged in cars. Therefore, they prefer to buy used cars for "reckless" in adolescence.

Boys for their first car to be special and better too. They think the worry, while parents tend to over-think. This "nervous breakdown" is reflected in the criteria that follow both sides in the election of the first car. Parents want a car that is reliable, safe, economical, low maintenance and reasonably successful. Boys do not have these items on the list. In fact, their wish list includes flashy, stylish and sports car, fast, economical, comfortable and equipped.

The following list includes cars that are favored mainly by parents and young people:

Honda Civic: It belongs to Honda Motor. Honda Civic was introduced in 1976. After that, his popularity has grown because of its attractive features. The latest version is the eighth generation Civic, going 0 - 60km/hr to 8.6 seconds and has a fuel economy of 28.3 miles per gallon mpg symbol), the 10-12 km / lt in city and 11 -14 km / liter on the highway. Even though the 2009 version of the car has changed in the plan, the technical details are stored. Site security is high and low car insurance. He is currently ranked among the greatest car for teenagers. Previous versions of the Honda Civic Type R is not expensive and if used, their prices even lower.

Toyota Camry: It's Toyota engine. It 'began in 1980 and has had a number of changes to all communications. The current version of the Camry alternans include gas / electric fuel. It has a low fuel consumption 22-33 mpg, 21 mpg city and 31 mpg on the highway. Seventh generation Camry model of regeneration, many models and technical changes. From a security standpoint, tops. Although more expensive than the Camry Modifications and Honda Civic car, available at reasonable prices.

Honda CR-V: 'The brand sponsored by Honda Motor. He debuted on the market in 1996. Due to its late introduction in the market did not develop as many as three generations, with some design changes and numerous technical changes. It has a fuel economy of 22 mpg, 20 mpg city and 26 mpg on the highway. This is the first SUV as Honda CRV (Sports Utility Vehicle) manufactured by Honda. Being a sports car, is famous among the young. At the same time, with maximum security measures, it is even better parents. It's expensive than the Civic and Camry.

Toyota Celica: engine is close to the Toyota brand. Since 1970, when it was introduced in the market, Toyota Celica changed significantly, design conscious. Celica is the appearance of the seventh generation of sports cars and specifications are subject to change depending on the sports car image. It has a fuel efficiency of 28 mpg, 24 mpg city and 33 mpg on the highway. Although an obvious choice for adolescents, the average security is a concern for parents. His criteria is the same as the price of Honda Civic.

Ford F-150: It comes from the Ford Motor Company. These full-size trucks and awareness for the first time in 1948. With many changes in design, producing 12 ° Focus-150 is the latest and most elegant than before. Its fuel economy is 15 mpg overall, with 13 mpg in city and 18 mpg on the highway. It is a hard drive and bitter, making it a high ranking fire escape.

Buy a used car auction government benefit. Sometimes teenagers need car loans to buy cars. Therefore, appropriate procedures and guidelines for buying a car should be followed. Buying a car is dangerous, and buy for their children than doubles the risk. If items are maintained and some not so important are not compromised, which surely will lead to choosing the perfect car for your first child.


  1. Searching for these used cars might be hard as well as a hassle if you need to go to a number of stores. The good news however is that you could now check the internet to have a quick view of that car you've been eyeing.

  2. As far as I know the automaker of this car has stop its production. I think if you have plan in buying this car all you can get is a used cars.

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